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Mindfulness Practice and Meditation

I sat with Chögyam Trungpa in 1976 in Boulder, Colorado. Trungpa was a pioneer in presenting the teachings of Mindfulness in North America. This practice is what Pema Chödrön calls "the direct path to insight." I recommend Trungpa's newest book, (available from Amazon), "Mindfulness in Action."

I began my meditation practice, which we then called simply "sitting," in 1976. It has never faltered, though it has changed in form several times over the years.

What meditation has done for me, and why I recommend it to my clients, friends, patients, aliens, (☺) family, everyone – besides the very obvious calming of the nervous system – is that it brings up what we most need to see: the so-called shadow. And somehow with this uprooting comes the genuine facility and ability to bring mercy and tenderness to the very self sometimes left shaking with terror and upset from whatever has been exposed.

Our tender underbellies are revealed, yet with this revelation comes the ability to meet whatever is seen with love and kindness. That which is Seen is That which is Seeing.

Be Willing to be Kind to Yourself

Trungpa points out that even the most vicious animals are tender toward their young.

Be willing to have mercy on you. Be kind to yourself. Let go of judgment, just for now. Take a deep breath and soften the belly.

Soften the belly, soften the eyes.

And even if you do not have a meditation practice (and you truly should cultivate a sitting practice), begin TODAY to cultivate loving kindness toward yourself and extend it outwards.

Begin now. With you. Begin today.

Love, Gopita

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