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July 2015 Energy Medicine Newsletter (Part 1)

Dear Energy Medicine Friends,

First of all: HAPPY GURUPURNIMA!! Today is the full moon of July, the brightest moon of the year, and it is said to be the moon of the Guru, the moon of God, and it is a time to go inward, to offer everything to the Self, to God, to whatever you believe is your higher power. So use this moon, this beautiful cooling energy to offer whatever it may be you wish to offer…

And I am sending the first video to introduce the DAILY ENERGY ROUTINE from last week's WORKSHOP. DONNA was truly there and we had a wonderful event. Energetic, even and happy. Thank you all for coming and thank you Janet for the delicious food. It will be the Workshop remembered for the FOOD!!!

Two impressive videos – a mother and daughter offering testimonials about how the Daily Energy Routine has helped them in sports and in academic testing – are on the way.

Keep doing the exercises. They work!

Love, Gopita

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