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August 2015 Energy Medicine Newsletter

Dear Energy Medicine Friends:

My husband took me to see Donna Eden for the first time in 1999 at the Learning Annex in Santa Monica. I had never heard of Energy Medicine, nor was I much interested in it. Plus, having recently moved to Los Angeles, the thought of driving to Santa Monica in traffic made me want to throw up.

But the night I met Donna was incredible. Thomas and I sat in the front row and I laughed and made Donna laugh. In fact, she signed my book, "Gopita, you make me laugh and laugh."

Well, the rest is history, sort of. Because in a few months Thomas and I went to Esalen, again to see Donna. It was here I fell in love with Donna, witnessing her leaving the restaurant with a dozen hard boiled eggs in her purse ("I can only eat eggs in the afternoon…")

Then a while later I took my first 5-Day event in Costa Rica, which was then the requirement for us to become certified (this was long before the Certification Program). Donna plucked me as a protégé ( in fact she announced it to everyone at the 5 Day event "Gopita is coming to San Diego {the next event} to be a Teaching Assistant!" and that was that! I was incredibly fortunate to work with Donna and her fun crew for the next 7 years, before the more formal training began.

Anyway, Donna and I have remained friends through it all and each time I see her we have more fun and pick up where we left off. I will be with Donna next month at her Advanced Class in San Diego, which closed after the registration opened after three weeks!!!

There is no one like Donna. She truly 'sees' energy. Now people say this, but they don't literally see energy. Donna sees it. She sees lights. She sees filaments and threads of lights. To have her work on you is a gift beyond a gift. And she has shared every little bit of what she knows with me – with all of us.

We are lucky to have her and we are lucky to have her work, because as far as I know, no one, absolutely no one does what she does. And to make it all the more credible, she has combined her seeing of lights with science, so meridians and chakras are balanced with years of Chinese medicine wisdom and her training in Touch for Health Kinesiology.

And I cannot believe my good fortune in knowing and also practicing this work.

Love, Gopita

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