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Los Angeles Alternative Medicine with Gopita Katharine Manning
Gopita was a passionate seeker of God since her early childhood in South Carolina. Having published her first book last year, "First Kill All the Lawyers: In Pro Per" (under her pen name, Katie Law Goodwin, Balboa Press, Hay House, 2014), Gopita is at work on her second book, "First Kill All the Doctors", and is revising another book she wrote in 2007, "The Busy Yogi and Yogini's Guide to Some of Those Sanskrit Terms," a lexicon for yoga students who want to navigate some of the pithier terms they may encounter in yoga studios. In Part III of "First Kill All the Lawyers," Gopita delighted in combining humor with a deep reverence for her own Awakening in 1989, which occurred quite spontaneously.
"Gopita is a rare soul. Her compassionate presence and sharp vigilance make her the perfect mentor to guide self-inquiry. I thoroughly recommend her work."
- Nicolas Arjuna Ardaugh,
Author of Relaxing into Clear Seeing, Grass Valle

As she writes in her book:
…" I "woke up" in 1989. I was walking down Third Avenue in New York. I tell the story that my breasts were leaking as I was late in nursing Chrissy (who was 13 months), but I do not know if that was really true, or if that is just the way I have told this story the last fifteen years of the telling. I do know that there was a body which was still filled, it seemed, with pregnancy fatigue and lactation, with extra pounds and extra fatigue and irritability, and then suddenly, there was no body, no mind, no one to whom this description could be tethered to.

The sudden loss of identity was accompanied, unbidden, by a wave of ecstasy and love that cannot be described. It needed no object to which to attach. It just was. This experience of love had been coming for months. First it was experienced as pure white light in a meeting. A sense of the room melting, and an exquisite love for others that was delightful and pure, the sweetest feeling imaginable. This feeling morphed into an awareness that everyone reflected back to me my own sweetness, and as I beheld another, I could only say within the realms of a silent heart: 'Oh, you sweet, sweet darling, you dear, dear One.' It was as if the heart could not contain the maternal care with which it was consumed. It was God as Grandmother. God as Grandfather. God as doting sweetness, formless, and infinitely vast…." This awakening experience eventually took Gopita to her true teacher, in Ganeshpuri, India, and over the years has led her to a life of service, and to the various modalities of work she offers today.

Gopita pursued graduate degrees in psychology at New York University and went on for further studies as a psychoanalyst at the New York Psychoanalytic Institute. Having many health crises over the years, and enduring a serious wake-up call in 1990 with a tumor on her ovary, Gopita healed her body through the principles of macrobiotics. This inspired her to begin, and ultimately complete, a rigorous ten-year training to become a Macrobiotic Cook and Counselor, training at the Kushi Institute in Becket, Massachusetts, and the famed Vega Institute in Oroville, California.

She also studied Applied Kinesiology with Dr. Phil Maffetone, a protégé of Dr. George Goodheart, the founder of Applied Kinesiology.

Gopita became the first minister Ordained in the Church of Living Essence, after pursuing over 600 hours studying facilitation in hypnotherapy and cathartic regression with the Living Essence Foundation. (Click on "Practitioners"). The Living Essence approach, formerly called the Hypno-Dharma Facilitation, paved the way for Gopita to formulate the modalities she uses with clients today. She calls her work "Spiritual Emergence and Integration.", and happily guides people in sessions through regression, relaxation, hypnotherapy, or energetic catharsis.

Having been a meditator for many years; from Soto Zen Buddhism to studying Mindfulness with master Chögyam Trungpa in the 70's, culminating with her true teacher in the non-dual Shaivite tradition from the early 1990's to the present, Gopita combines many forms of instruction in her meditation classes, offered individually and in groups. From time to time she offers satsang - ("keeping the company of truth"), and delights particularly in working with her clients and students in awakening them from the illusion of their own personal dramas.

In 1999 Gopita met the unbelievable Donna Eden, whose work synthesized her love of Energy Medicine and meridian and chakra balancing. Donna, one of the most skilled and sought after healers of our time, has encouraged Gopita to work as a healer, and has been instrumental in helping Gopita appreciate and trust not only her scientific knowledge, but her intuitive skills. Donna's website, is an amazing resource for this work. Gopita is listed on Donna's directory of practitioners at

Gopita attended and staffed three nine-day School for the Work, with Byron Katie, and is proud to be a facilitator for The Work, Byron Katie's radical, completely life-changing method of self-inquiry. She is proud to facilitate this modality for those who are really on a spiritual fast-track, and offers sessions over the phone, on-line, and one-on-one, with the most brilliant form of " illusion busting" on the planet! Byron Katie's web site is

Gopita is the proud mother of many dogs and cats and children. Having formerly lived in New York City for twenty years, Gopita spends her free time hiking with her Labrador retriever, Homer Hanuman Ram Dog.

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