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Gopita's Career as a Professional Actress

Upon completing the M.A. degree in Theatre Arts from Wake Forest University in 1973, Gopita, under her professional name, "Katharine Manning," was one of 10 interns selected to complete a two-year program at the world-famous Barter Theatre, the oldest and longest running repertory company in America. Here she won her Actor's Equity card, and in less than 1 1/2 years, had been seen by an agent and manager and had moved to New York City, having signed with a prestigious agent. Katharine began making commercials and performing in plays, on Broadway and off, and continued her career for over twenty years.

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A “Previous Incarnations” page has to include a bit of my rich family history…

Here my twin sister and I are swimming at Pawley’s Island, S.C., where our parents took us every summer. This remains a beautiful enclave of unspoiled beauty – clapboard homes and white beaches…

We grew up on an island called Wadmalaw. This isn’t on a map – it is one of the outer islands in the low country surrounding Charleston, S.C. Rennie, Mister (my brother) and I went to the last two-roomed schoolhouse in America. My mother cooked hot lunches every day.

Six of my grandfathers were governors of South Carolina: three of them were also called Richard Irvine Manning, which is my father’s name, my brother’s name, and my nephew’s name!

Here are a very few photos of a rich and proud heritage I want to share with you. (And my sweet and beautiful mother – a damned yankee – came from her own rich heritage – quite literally, royal blood. But we could not discuss it, being that she was, ahem, a yank!) But I will say that Brown University, Princeton, as well as the Spence School in Manhattan are heavily endowed from my mother’s family, as she was a “Brown” and a “Law.” Charles Gibson, from ABC news, was her first cousin.

My pen name, Katie Law Goodwin, reflects my pride in my beautiful Mama…..

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