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Monthly Newsletters from " Gopita" Katharine Manning
December 2017:Let Nothing Disturb You
October 2017:Psyche and Eros: The Archetype of Too-Muchness
July 2017:Finding our Goodness Backwards
May 2017:Suffering, Courage and Meaning
March 2017:Acid Alkaline Balance
February 2017:Let Love Break You in Two: A Tribute to My Animals
January 2017:Satsang
December 2016:December E-Letter from Southern Fried Spirituality
November 2016:Remedies for Your Kidneys, Part I
October 2016:Your Liver and Kidneys: Two Organs and Energies Working Together
September 2016:Bad Bones, Bad Choices, Bad Kidneys
August 2016:Sedating Kidney Meridian
July 2016:Even Amidst Chaos, the Universe is Kind
May and June 2016:Animals and God
April 2016:Whole Foods Cooking
March 2016:HAPPY EASTER!
February 2016:Phil Maffetone
January 2016:Makara Sankranti
December 2015:Christmas E Letter from Southern Fried Spirituality
November 2015:SPOOKY ACTION AT A DISTANCE: Donna Eden's Story and How I Saved Her Life
October 2015:Sedating & Strengthening the Kidney Meridian
September 2015:"The Great Mimicker: The Illeocecal Valve"
August 2015:"Energy Habits with Donna Eden"
July 2015:Part 3: "How The Daily Energy Routine can help with Test Scores & Athletics"
July 2015:Part 2: "Homolateral Cross Crawl Re-Patterning"
July 2015:Part 1: "The Daily Energy Routine"
May/June 2015:"Mindfulness, Practice, and Meditation"
April 2015:"Come Back to Balance"
February/March 2015:"The Wind Can Make You Ill"
January 2015:"4 Recommendations For Your Health"

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