Southern Fried Spirituality
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At some point in each human being's life, he or she loses fascination with their own "story" and begins to wonder if it is possible to move beyond the day-to-day drama.
Imprisoned by identification with the role they plan and the problems they face, people long to break free.

Gopita offers meditation classes through monthly Satsangs (See Calendar of Events), and also offers private instruction. It is through this one-on-one work where Gopita believes she can be of most use to the students who come to her for spiritual help. Often student and teacher find together that it is in the silence where they find that what needs to be revealed is done so simply, with astonishing clarity and simplicity. Often the need for further sessions is eliminated completely after only one session of meditation.

Both teacher and student are humbled by the beauty and awareness brought by sharing Silence and Presence together, and often little remains for interpretation. Gopita may then offer support through phone mentoring, or counseling sessions, but encourages her students to go home and practice, relying not on a teacher, but the silence of the mat and their own inner awareness, now kindled to reveal more of what they are already beginning to know.

Gopita has meditated for over 35 years, and has studied many modalities of meditation, from Zen to TM to Shambala Buddhism. She not only works with her students in understanding the science of meditation, she guides each student in setting up their practice, the focus on breath, on mantra, or on any technique for focus which resonates with the individual intention of her student. She has found that the first "fruits" of meditation include clarity of thought, better relationships, more grounding, and certainly more balance and equanimity around emotional states. Giving oneself the gift of practice in a comfortable and disciplined form is essential to modern life, and Gopita gladly shares her knowledge with anyone who comes to her. She is willing to "go the distance" with each and every student. She is thrilled to go the distance with each and every student! OM SHANTI SHANTI OM!

Gopi Katie reminds us not to quit before the miracle…

Come, come
Whosoever you are!
Wanderer, Worshiper, Lover of Leaving,
It doesn't matter if you have broken your vows
A thousand times or more.
Life is not a caravan of despair.
Come and yet again come.

Thirteenth Century

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