Southern Fried Spirituality
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Gopita offers counseling sessions of 55 minutes per visit.

She endeavors to focus on re-framing her client's personal stories in the context of spiritual awakening. It is her firm belief that each and every person who comes to her office - a phenomenon which occurs never by accident - is a "mystic without a monastery", and she encourages her clients to re-visit their personal lives in this context.

She believes we are on this earth to awaken to our true nature, and there is never one right way. There are as many ways to "awaken" in this world, in this realm, as there are individual souls, and the excitement in exploring this with each unique individual, without rigid concepts, without one right way! or wrong way! is what Gopita uniquely offers.

"Her crazy wisdom and sharp mind, coupled with gentleness beyond anything I have experienced, brought me to recognition of my true Self unlike anything I had ever known. Thank you, Gopita, thank you, and thank you!!!"
- Y.D., New York City, N.Y.

Gopita studied Family Systems and has great reverence for any stage of exploration in family-of-origin work. She has specialized in ACOA issues (Adult Children of Alcoholics), and particularly in dysfunction and the family system. Again, all of these interpretations are framed within the context of spiritual emergence.

Each session with Gopita is kept at a cost that is about the same as a psychotherapy session. It is essential to pursue this work with dedication, and for this reason, Gopita keeps her rates low, but insists on dedication to weekly sessions.

Telephone sessions are available for a separate cost schedule.

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