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Gopita offers counseling sessions of 55 minutes per visit.

Sessions in the Living Essence work allow a sacred space which honors and encourages your own natural state to reveal itself. As we notice together old habits of identification, you will be guided into a deeply relaxed state where you can easily dissolve old patterns of duality and separation.

These states of deep relaxation, often called trance, are used to resolve phobias, undo habits such as smoking or overeating, but more importantly, each session can give the client a sense of their true Self, their true Spaciousness and Vastness. Often a silence so profound fills the room, I am left in awe and deep reverence for the power of this work. It is truly liberating.

"What is unique and unbelievable about Gopita is her range of healing modalities. She devours books. She can tap into her knowledge about non-dual scripture, or clinical hypnosis, or acid/alkaline balance in nutrition, or quantum physics! Not to mention her brilliant psychological insights due to her years of study as a psychotherapist. She is meant to be a healer in this world. She can do it all!!"
- T.K., La Canada, California

At times a client may experience deep energetic catharsis, and I am not only trained in, but am comfortable in many modalities of somatic release. I find it an honor to facilitate any level of injury or trauma as these may be expressed in these sessions.

I am deeply humbled by the many clients who have done this work with me in my office.

This work is for more advanced clients. It is recommended that one have been a psychotherapy patient for some time in one's life, have done a reasonable amount of family-of-origin work, be reasonably settled in one's life, and not be on any antipsychotic medication when doing this work. If one is in a 12-Step program, at least 90 days of recovery must pass before a session of this type may be employed.

States of mind are sometimes very fragile, and since we go deep into these states together, it is best to be reasonably intact. I therefore reserve the right to do an intake interview before Living Essence Sessions, and reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. I may make referrals to other therapists, or even to medical doctors. I may suggest another form of work with me, or with someone with similar training.

First Session: $275 (Two hours)
Subsequent Sessions: One and one-half hours: $205.00

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