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Our Natural Quit Smoking Program

This program works only with 100% commitment to the three-session program as explained and with complete attention to the required homework.

This program is about releasing the need to try to quit smoking. It is about awareness, or reality, or God.

It is about noticing "what is", and that the story we tell of what is happening is less kind than what is actually happening. So we work with the part of you that wants and needs to smoke, and the part which smoking enhances. As this is questioned and brought to acceptance, we see that smoking falls away, on its own. Any resistance to what is so presents an obstacle to love.

This program entails three sessions of hypnotherapy, spaced over approximately one month. This protocol may not be changed for any reason. I endeavor to work with the client according to a realistic schedule, but under no circumstances will I work within a time frame longer than five weeks.

The session and payment schedule is as follows:
Session 1: Two hours + $300.00, payable in full at the time of session
Session 2: 1 Hours - $225.00
Session 3: 1 Hours - $225.00

Client may elect to pay instead; the cost of one year's smoking, in full, which will be greater. Some clients prefer to do this, as the incentive to money already spent makes quitting even easier. The cost for a year's supply is easily over $3,000.00.

In Session 1 the client agrees to all homework requirements which include buying a notebook, journalling each cigarette smoked as will be explained, to buy certain different brands of cigarettes, to drink a specified amount of water daily, to do breathing exercises, and, after Session 3, to use self-hypnosis a minimum of four times daily.

The therapist agrees to be available for phone support during the entire weeks of sessions and agrees to follow-up sessions should there be relapse in the first 90 days.

A tape will be provided during the last session, and it is required that this be utilized, also.

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