Southern Fried Spirituality
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Schedule of Services and Fees

Psychotherapy: Spiritual Mentoring (and Skype):
Individuals, 55 Minutes: $175.00
Couples, 55 Minutes: $195.00, 1.5 hours: $250.00

Living Essence Sessions/Hypnotherapy:
First Session: $275 (Two Hours)
Subsequent Sessions: One and one-half hours: $205.00

Complete Nutritional Workup:
Two Hours: $450.00 (includes one-month follow-up, email and phone)

Private Cooking Class:
(Up to three people only – four hours): $450.00 plus cost of food

Energy Work:
First Session: $240.00 (One and one-half hours+, including diagnosis)
Subsequent Sessions: One hour - $165.00
One and one-half hours - $185.00 - $200.00
Two hours – $235.00

Study Groups:
$125.00 per Six–Week- Session

Self-Inquiry Facilitation (The Work of Byron Katie):
One Hour: $145.00

Ear Candling with Foot Reflexology:
One Hour: $165.00

Gua-Sha with Energy Balance:
One Hour: $155.00

All travel beyond 50 miles: $500 fee + sessions

(Non-negotiable – Please see separate schedule for Workshop Fees. Local travel negotiable)

Weekend and Overtime Hours: Billed at $250 per hour unless otherwise negotiated.

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