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Calendar of Events for 2018

Free Evening! The Work of Byron Katie: How Inquiry Can Alleviate Suffering and Change Your Life, with Gopita Katharine Manning

Saturday Evenings, May 19, and September 29, 2018 - 6:00 – 7:00 p.m.
Montrose, CA location (exact location will be sent 2 weeks before the event)

The Work of Byron Katie is a process by which one writes down stressful thoughts and asks four questions of these thoughts, eventually turning the thought around. It is that radical and that simple! Often life changing shake- ups and events occur when we sit, quietly and meditatively, with this simple process.

I have found it takes a brave heart and mind to truly want the truth. Sometimes we are so married to our concepts we only THINK we want the truth.

“I am fat.”

“He left me.”

“She is a bad person.”

“He hurt me.”

“I did it wrong.”

“My mother didn’t love me.”

“I have an STD,”

We either believe our thoughts, or we question them. And NOTHING WE BELIEVE IS TRUE. TO UNDERSTAND THAT IS FREEDOM.


Please come to an evening where we will put our own thoughts to the test! I will give a demonstration of how the Work works. There will be a list of resources, how to Fill in a “Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet,” and a demonstration of a facilitation with a volunteer.

Everyone is welcome! Please register by emailing: and put Work of Byron Katie in the subject line. Then please put your name, how many are registering, and contact information in the text. (email and cell phone). We will contact you with complete information approximately two weeks before the event, but we will let you know we received your registration at once.

Space is limited to 10 -15 people, so kindly keep your commitment if you intend to be present. More information on Byron Katie:
Gopita Katharine Manning

HOW TO KEEP IN BALANCE WHEN EVERYTHING IS AGAINST YOU:Fire, flood, drought, and those pernicious winds!

You are all new every 120 days. Your blood is all new. Your red blood cells are all new. You have been changed out, so to speak. So, we have an opportunity to make ourselves brand new in just three months. This is good news.

We live in Southern California, where we are blessed (!) with the Santa Ana winds, a bizarre phenomenon wherein winds blow “backwards” and our bloodstreams boil. Joan Didion describes this as a time when normally sedate housewives ‘come to’ with a butcher knife at their husband’s throats.

Chinese medicine tells us that wind is our worst enemy. We cannot balance our internal milieu (bloodstream) with the chaotic, ever changing outer milieu (a windy climate). And hot, dry winds? Very, very difficult.

Furthermore, our seasons are not as discernible as they once were. How do we eat locally and seasonally when we cannot decipher our own seasons? How do we balance for spring when winter flies into summer, bypassing springtime?

Well…this is a true dilemma...But, there are many ways to balance ourselves nonetheless:


  • Breathing exercises;
  • Nutritional secrets;
  • Meditation and Mindfulness;
  • Energy Exercises and MORE energy exercises;
  • Paying special attention to our guts;
  • Paying special attention to OUR BRAINS;





Understanding and working with the ORGANS OF ELIMINATION: Lung, Kidney, Skin, and Liver. These are so very important for each season! A half-hour lecture will be provided for each organ.

PART 1:July 29, Sunday, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Cost: $150.00 (a light macrobiotic lunch will be served)



Location: La Crescenta – private home

Details: or 818.248.7258


We will focus on FACIAL DIAGNOSIS and how-to diagnosis ourselves. How do we assess which of our organs/energies need work?

All contents copyright Gopita Katharine Manning, 2006-2019.