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The Work of Byron Katie is a deeply transformative process of inquiry that is helping people around the world approach their problems from a perspective of clarity and inner peace.
As a species, we human beings tend to put our happiness on hold until something changes. We'll be happy, we think, when we get what we believe we want or need: more money, a healthier body, a more attractive or understanding partner, a loving mother, children who behave. Many of us spend our lives trying desperately to get the world and the people in it to satisfy our desires. No wonder we don't feel any lasting sense of peace; mentally we're continually engaged in war with reality.
And Katie says that reality is always kinder than the story we tell about it. Haven't you noticed? In 1986, Byron Katie experienced the profound realization that without any story about how life is supposed to be, we are left with peace far beyond what we hoped to find through wish fulfillment. On the other side of our myths about reality is reality itself, indescribably joyful-and unknowable as long as we keep trying to change it. Only when we give up "what should be" can we experience the perfection of "what is."This "giving up," however, can't be achieved by the thinking mind. (Hoping to give up attachment, the mind subversively attaches to a concept of liberation.) The remedy that brought Katie her freedom is something she calls The Work, a penetrating inquiry process of four questions and a "turnaround." By exposing unconscious beliefs to the clear light of direct investigation, the mind wakes up to its innocent mistake and drops its losing battle.
"Gopita, you are one of the kindest hearts I know. It is an honor to sit with you."
- Byron Katie
Author of Loving What Is, with Stephen Mitchell, and Founder of The Work

Katie's web site,, is a rich resource of samples of this brilliant, radical way of questioning the mind and ridding ourselves of the confusion brought on by our self-limiting concepts. And everything is a concept. But only everything. And the only real suffering in this world, according to Katie, comes from confusion.

Trying to change someone is as useless as trying to teach a pig to dance. It is a waste of time, and it really pisses the pig off.

Gopita delights in helping with self-inquiry, and the process of dropping all "story" and asking only Katie's four questions:
Is it True?
Can I absolutely know it is True?
How do I react when I think that Thought?
Who would I be without the thought?

Often one enters a realm of peace and truth and laughter, one's true nature, trimming concept after concept after concept, with love, like a kiss. Then, the thought is turned around, and one sees, usually with astonishing clarity, that the opposite is also true, or as true, and the need for further conversation drops away as naturally as a morning breeze just effortlessly appears. The mind rests in its own still nature, until another thought thinks it, waiting, like a sweet, inquisitive child, to be held and questioned.

Faciliations are one hour in length and cost $145.00. Credit cards are accepted. Call 818.248-7258 for a free ten minute consultation.

It is highly recommended that a client read Katie's book, written with Stephen Mitchell, Loving What Is, and download several worksheets from Katie's web page, before setting up an appointment. This makes full use of our hour together, as guided inquiry leads us both, facilitator and client, to our freedom again and again and again.

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