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Gopita has been a passionate seeker of God since her childhood in South Carolina, where she would climb trees and see colors and hear sounds, which sounded like divine choirs to her sensitive ears. She carried this devotion into her later life, finding her ultimate calling as a psychotherapist and healer.

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Having published her first book in 2014, “First Kill all the Lawyers: In Pro Per” (under her pen name, Katie Law Goodwin), Balboa Press, Hay House), Gopita is presently at work on a book about the re-homing of retired racing greyhounds, having adopted her own racer, whom she named “Licorice Noodle”.

"Gopita is a rare soul. Her compassionate presence and sharp vigilance make her the perfect mentor to guide self-inquiry. I thoroughly recommend her work."
- Nicolas Arjuna Ardaugh,
Author of Relaxing into Clear Seeing, Grass Valle

In Part III of “First Kill all the Lawyers,” Gopita delighted in combining humor with a deep reverence for her own spiritual awakening which occurred quite spontaneously in 1989. As she writes in her book:

…" I 'woke up' in 1989. I was walking down Third Avenue in New York. I tell the story that my breasts were leaking as I was late in nursing Chrissy (who was 13 months), but I do not know if that was really true, or if that is just the way I have told this story the last fifteen years of the telling. I do know that there was a body which was still filled, it seemed, with pregnancy fatigue and lactation, with extra pounds and extra fatigue and irritability, and then suddenly, there was no body, no mind, no one to whom this description could be tethered to.

The sudden loss of identity was accompanied, unbidden, by a wave of ecstasy and love that cannot be described. It needed no object to which to attach. It just was. This experience of love had been coming for months. First it was experienced as pure white light in a meeting. A sense of the room melting, and an exquisite love for others that was delightful and pure, the sweetest feeling imaginable. This feeling morphed into an awareness that everyone reflected back to me my own sweetness, and as I beheld another, I could only say within the realms of a silent heart: 'Oh, you sweet, sweet darling, you dear, dear One.' It was as if the heart could not contain the maternal care with which it was consumed. It was God as Grandmother. God as Grandfather. God as doting sweetness, formless, and infinitely vast…."

This awakening experience eventually took Gopita to her true teacher, in Ganeshpuri, India, and over the years has led her to a life of service, and to the various modalities of work she offers today.

Gopita pursued graduate degrees in psychology at New York University and went on for further studies as a psychoanalyst at the New York Psychoanalytic Institute. Having many health crises over the years, and enduring a serious wake-up call in 1990 with a tumor on her ovary, Gopita healed her body through the principles of macrobiotics. This inspired her to begin, and ultimately complete, a rigorous ten-year training to become a Macrobiotic Cook and Counselor, training at the Kushi Institute in Becket, Massachusetts, and the famed Vega Institute in Oroville, California.

She also studied Applied Kinesiology with Dr. Phil Maffetone, a protégé of Dr. George Goodheart, the founder of Applied Kinesiology.

Gopita became the first minister Ordained in the Church of Living Essence, after pursuing over 600 hours studying facilitation in hypnotherapy and cathartic regression with the Living Essence Foundation. www.LivingEssence.com (Click on "Practitioners"). The Living Essence approach, formerly called the Hypno-Dharma Facilitation, paved the way for Gopita to formulate the modalities she uses with clients today. She calls her work "Spiritual Emergence and Integration.", and happily guides people in sessions through regression, relaxation, hypnotherapy, or energetic catharsis.

Having been a meditator for many years; from Soto Zen Buddhism to studying Mindfulness with master Chögyam Trungpa in the 70's, culminating with her true teacher in the non-dual Shaivite tradition from the early 1990's to the present, Gopita combines many forms of instruction in her meditation classes, offered individually and in groups. From time to time she offers satsang - ("keeping the company of truth"), and delights particularly in working with her clients and students in awakening them from the illusion of their own personal dramas.

In 1999 Gopita met the unbelievable Donna Eden, whose work synthesized her love of Energy Medicine and meridian and chakra balancing. Donna, one of the most skilled and sought after healers of our time, has encouraged Gopita to work as a healer, and has been instrumental in helping Gopita appreciate and trust not only her scientific knowledge, but her intuitive skills. Donna's website, www.Innersource.net is an amazing resource for this work. Gopita is listed on Donna's directory of practitioners at www.EnergyMedicineDirectory.com

Gopita attended and staffed three nine-day School for the Work, with Byron Katie, and is proud to be a facilitator for The Work, Byron Katie's radical, completely life-changing method of self-inquiry. She is proud to facilitate this modality for those who are really on a spiritual fast-track, and offers sessions over the phone, on-line, and one-on-one, with the most brilliant form of " illusion busting" on the planet! Byron Katie's web site is www.thework.org.

Gopita is the proud mother of many dogs and cats and children. Having lived in New York City for over twenty years, she now delights in spending her time outdoors with her retired racing greyhound, Licorice Noodle. Indoors, she stares at her flat-faced Persian cat, Jenny Annie Dots.


Previous Incarnations

Gopita’s Career as a Professional Actress



Upon completing the M.A. degree in Theatre Arts from Wake Forest University in 1973, Gopita, under her professional name, "Katharine Manning," was one of 10 interns selected to complete a two-year program at the world-famous Barter Theatre, the oldest and longest running repertory company in America. Here she won her Actor's Equity card, and in less than 1 1/2 years, had been seen by an agent and manager and had moved to New York City, having signed with a prestigious agent. Katharine began making commercials and performing in plays, on Broadway and off, and continued her career for over twenty years.

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A “Previous Incarnations” page has to include a bit of my rich family history…

Here, my twin sister and I are swimming at Pawley’s Island, S.C., where our parents took us every summer. This remains a beautiful enclave of unspoiled beauty – clapboard homes and white beaches…

We grew up on an island called Wadmalaw. This isn’t on a map – it is one of the outer islands in the low country surrounding Charleston, S.C. Rennie, Mister (my brother) and I went to the last two-roomed schoolhouse in America. My mother cooked hot lunches every day.

Six of my grandfathers were governors of South Carolina: three of them were also called Richard Irvine Manning, which is my father’s name, my brother’s name, and my nephew’s name!

Here are a very few photos of a rich and proud heritage I want to share with you. (And my sweet and beautiful mother – a damned yankee – came from her own rich heritage – quite literally, royal blood. But we could not discuss it, being that she was, ahem, a yank!) But I will say that Brown University, Princeton, as well as the Spence School in Manhattan are heavily endowed from my mother’s family, as she was a “Brown” and a “Law.” Charles Gibson, from ABC news, was her first cousin.

My pen name, Katie Law Goodwin, reflects my pride in my beautiful Mama…..

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Here’s What Our Clients are Saying...

***All Testimonials provided with Permission and Release from individuals and participants who provided them. Several are taken from public forums (video and audio files). Client files are not available to the general public under any condition.***

This work has turned my life around.

When I first arrived at Katharine Manning’s office in Pasadena in 2006, I had to have a companion walk me through the gate and into her office. I suffered from such severe panic disorder I could not go anywhere without this person. Katharine (I was later to call her “Gopita”) was incredibly kind. What I liked about her immediately was that she was not overly solicitous about this panic. She acted like it was just fine and ‘one of those things.’ Within a few weeks I was able to go to her home office (still with my companion’s accompaniment) and sit on the couch and have some delicious alkalizing tea she eventually taught me how to brew. But it was when she taught me about the breathing exercises which had cured her panic disorder that the miracle happened. She was so open about her own experience (can you believe she actually self-disclosed?!) that I finally relaxed and did the exercises. Within three weeks I was able to go to her office on my own for appointments, and we began a truly intense 4- year relationship of twice-weekly sessions of psychotherapy. This work has turned my life around.

I eventually moved to the East Coast, enrolled in a top school to pursue my dream of obtaining a doctorate in Mechanical Engineering, got married, and am now pregnant with my first child. I have not had a panic attack in over 7 years.

I credit Gopita Katharine Manning completely with my recovery. She is a bloody miracle! From her humor, to her unbelievable capacity to analyze the unconscious mind; and her tact and forthrightness in letting me in on her analysis in a gentle but intellectually understandable way, to her compassion and empathy, to her unorthodox way or practicing – well, I can’t, and won’t, say enough!

I called Gopita recently and told her I was naming my child after her. Girl or boy. We laughed and laughed. I will never be able to express my gratitude, so I am doing so here.

- J.E., Boston, Mass., 2019

"Gopita is truly a miracle worker"

Gopita is truly a miracle worker, an incredibly gifted healer, a spot-on diagnostician, and someone who holds me accountable!

I had been dealing with digestive issues for years. I had been diagnosed with diverticulitis as well as IBS. I was taking a number of drugs, both prescription and over the counter, but nothing seemed to help. I was coming to the end of my rope! Things got so bad I stopped going out to dinner with my family.
I was referred to Gopita. First, she provided a sensible diet that was amazing. I had diverticulitis and she seemed unfazed in prescribing nuts and seeds!! She had me drinking home-brewed, natural teas, eating umeboshi plums and taking natural herbs and supplements. In addition, I was seeing Gopita weekly for energy medicine treatments focused on my gut.

After a few months the issues with my digestive tract disappeared. I was able to go out to dinner with my family. I was for the first time eating what I wanted to - nuts, popcorn and spicy food - with no side effects whatsoever. I had no pains and no worries about my diet whatsoever.

I continued weekly tune-ups with Gopita which have kept my stamina at top performance. In fact, I just completed a 6-day, 67-mile backpacking trip (with 20,000 feet of elevation gain) that included a 15- mile roundtrip jaunt to the top of Mt Whitney!

I am convinced that the energy medicine work coupled with diet that I continue to do with Gopita keeps my body in top shape. I am in my early 60’s and feel in better shape than I did when I was in my 20’s. People complement me on my healthy persona, and I owe it all to Gopita! Thank you, Gopita, from the bottom of my heart for all you have done!  

- CFK La Canada, CA 2019

I am so grateful I cannot express it! Thank you! Thank you!

I don’t know how this works; but having been blessed with Katharine Manning as my therapist for the last two years has not only benefited me in ways unimaginable, my entire family has changed for the better. Even the dog smiles and knows God! She is unorthodox, fearless, brilliant and never talks down to me – as has been my experience with other psychologists in the past. She assumes we are all smart and hungers for spiritual depth – so she takes us there! I am so grateful I cannot express it! Thank you! Thank you!

- G.H. Los Angeles, 2018

"This lady knows her stuff!"

"I am a caterer and bartender, so I am always lifting heavy tables, décor, cases of drinks, etc. I have known Gopita for many years, have taken wonderful classes with her, and what an amazing teacher. She knows everything about the body , about pressure points and Chi energy. Years ago, I had a frozen shoulder, and could not move at all. At that time, I went to doctor after doctor [orthropedic doctors, chiropractors, and other doctors who only told me to take drugs, but could not help ease the pain} I had just joined one of Gopita's classes, on a recommendation from another practitioner who gave her the thumbs up. She worked on my frozen shoulder, and I could actually move my arm again. It was such a relief to not be in pain. I also brought my significant other in for lower back treatment, as he could not even move since his pain was so severe. He had his session on a Sunday and by Tuesday he was back in action, with no pain at all..it was great. So, many years have passed, and for weeks I have had a terrible pain in my shoulder and a pulled groin muscle, where I could not even walk or move my right arm. I immediately knew who to contact, since Gopita Katharine Manning is well trained in Applied Kinesiology and Sports medicine, as well as Traditional Chinese Energy healing.. I called her, left her a message “Help!" and she knew I was in severe pain, so she fit me in right away...After an assessment of my poor, overworked, torqued body, she gave me a session and did her magic work on me..after wards, I was able to move my arm and my hip was painfree, and I could walk..I went back to work after my session, and the ladies at work were amazed that I could walk into work without the limp that I had had for a week. Gopita also gave me special exercises to keep my body from relapsing back into the painful torqued condition that it was in when I went to see her. My next session will be in a few weeks to address my bladder issues (I have incontinence and have to wake up many times during the night, and always running to the bathroom during the day) This lady knows her stuff!"

- Janet D. - October 2014

"She literally saved my life."

"Katharine saved my life. I had an hour to live. She came to my home, "saw" that my blood had turned gangrenous, and took the measures needed to save me. My belly was exploding with infection and she saw it, took emergencies measures and got me to a hospital with seconds to spare. She literally saved my life."

-Elizabeth Toole, Ph.D., Pasadena, CA, 2008

"She can do it all!!"

"What is unique and unbelievable about Gopita is her range of healing modalities. She devours books. She can tap into her knowledge about non-dual scripture, or clinical hypnosis, or acid/alkaline balance in nutrition, or quantum physics! Not to mention her brilliant psychological insights due to her years of study as a psychotherapist. She is meant to be a healer in this world. She can do it all!!”

-T.K., La Cañada, CA, 2008

"My vitality and joy have returned….I cannot believe the change in my life!!!"

"Well, I had this "bone" or something across my chest – it was blocking my belly and breathing all my life….anyway I was having these horrid 'spells". I would almost feel like I was dying. I would turn ice cold, then hot, and then I couldn't move. These 'spells' often lasted for days and weeks. They were getting more frequent…

When Gopita saw this blockage, she yelped and said 'No! This can't be here!' She spent about half an hour working to remove this piece of energy (or bone, or whatever) from the bottom of my chest and the top of my belly). For the first time in my life, 62 years, I had bowel sounds. I could breathe. I could eat. I could digest food and I had the ability to eliminate it as well!

I coughed up little 'bb's' of old plaque or something – something that looked as if it had been with me for a long, long time. I also started weeping and laughing at the same time. I have not had a 'spell' for many months. I finally have bowel movements. I have no idea what has happened, but Gopita told me that I had 'held' energy in my tummy for so long as a child to avoid feeling that it had literally calcified.

At any rate, I am well, my skin is rosy, I have achieved a level of health I never thought possible. And I do the exercises she gave me every day… I feel 100% better. My vitality and joy have returned….I cannot believe the change in my life!!!"

-Mrs. Ruth Schlueter, Pasadena, CA, 2008

"I am in awe and gratitude every day…"

"I went to Gopita for over one year because I thought I was going to die. I went for hourly sessions once a week… My energy was so low; I was white as a ghost. I had been a heroin addict and a junkie and had been living on the streets. Even though I was clean for over a year, I had no energy, no strength. Thankfully, my HIV panel was clean, but I had Hepatitis C, from sharing needles in the 70's...

I don't believe I even told Gopita about the Hep C. We worked on restoring my digestion and bowel strength, my basic energy, and mostly, my immune system. The first thing I noticed was that my lips weren't white anymore and that I wasn't so sensitive to noise and smell. Then I noticed that I could digest food and even was hungry, something which had been a problem for me for a long time.

But the real gift of Energy Medicine was yet to come! I got pregnant!!! I never thought I could have a baby! BUT WHEN I GOT SOME ROUTINE BLOOD WORK DONE FOR THE PREGANANCY, MY HEPATITIS C BLOOD TITRES WERE BACK TO NORMAL!

My MD has tested me again. He continues to tell me he believes it is impossible that energy medicine could cure me! But I know it has - Energy Medicine and Gopita's healing have completely turned around an "incurable" disease. I no longer have Hepatitis C. But I do have a healthy baby girl. I am in awe and gratitude every day…"

-Name Withheld by Request, Los Angeles, 2007

"It is truly a miraculous healing event, this Energy Medicine!!!"

"Katharine came down to La Jolla when my 86 year old husband, a retired MD, lay dying in the hospital. He had no ability to digest food, and as such, was on his 'last leg." He had heard about Energy Medicine, and said, 'If anything can save me now, it is not Western Medicine.'

Katharine worked on Jack for over two hours. When she was finished, she was very depleted. We worried about her, as she had to drive back to Los Angeles for work the next day. She said that if she only had this one shot, she was 'going for it.'

But we worried about Jack more. The next day, he seemed to be getting worse. Then suddenly, after about 24 hours, he ate and digested his food. He called Katharine from our home garden to thank her. He steadily improved each day after that, and was released permanently from the hospital after several days.

It is truly a miraculous healing event, this Energy Medicine!!! And words cannot express our gratitude to this miraculous healer."

-Mrs. Estella Phillips, La Jolla, CA, 2007

"I'm really blessed to have her as my therapist!"

Before I started sessions with Katharine Manning, I suffered from several things that I never thought I would overcome. I had incontrollable sweaty underarms, hands and feet. This seemed to get worse when I was nervous (which seemed as if I was nervous all the time) or feared a situation such as having to do public speaking or present in a group setting, or even when I entered a room full of people. Also, I was very insecure and self conscious, always worrying about what people thought of me. Most importantly, she helped me deal with issues that I developed when I was growing up, especially dealing with my parents divorce which I often had blamed myself for. Aside from the emotional issues, I also suffered from anxiety attacks, sinus problems, stomachaches, nausea and PMS. I also had an enlarged lymph node on the left side of my neck which I had checked every six months. With energy medicine (figure 8's) the node was reduced. Figure 8's also helped break down a cyst on my right breast and a cyst on my right ovary. Abnormal blood tests was another area that she helped me with. For 3 years straight, my bilirubin levels and platelets ( is this related to red blood cells being destroyed too quickly?) were not within the normal range. I was sent to a gastroenterologist and hematologist several times, that after many blood tests, they still couldn't figure what was wrong or causing the abnormalities. She recommended that I do breathing exercises, including breathing into a brown bag, twice during the day. After doing the breathing exercises for almost 6 months I had my physical and my blood results were all within the normal range! And after seeing her for almost that year, I've been feeling so much better. She's taught me to do simple things such as cross crawl, sedating acupressure points, meridian tracing, and even breathing. The sweating has been reduced, stomach related issues have improved especially since she's taught me about nutrition. Through psychotherapy and hypnosis, I'm more confident, secure, less of a worrier, less fearful, more energized, and overall, great! I'm really blessed to have her as my therapist!

-J.A., Long Beach, California

"I am deeply grateful that she has come into my life."

"Between the time I had first met Gopita in 2009 and now, my health had continued to deteriorate to the point where I was having almost daily full blown panic attacks, complete with dry mouth, inability to get a deep breath, body tremors, PVC'S, extreme fear and tachycardia. Additionally, I was waking every night around 4 with rapid heart beats and more fear and panic attacks. In the three months before I had my first appointment with Gopita, I had been in Scripps Emergency twice and once ended up in Grossmont Hospital after having to make my first 911 call. In short, I was falling apart mentally and physically. In our first meeting, Gopita worked on me for almost two hours and after she was finished, she assured me that I was definitely better and that she was certain I did not have any heart problems at all!! Instead, she said my panic attacks and frequent arrhythmia was due to a blocked Ileocecal valve and that she had used energy work to unblock the valve and that I soon would be feeling much better and also able to sleep through the night. She gave me a sheet of "homework" exercises which were extremely helpful in explaining to me in more detail, just exactly what she had done and how I was to continue the healing process by following some simple energy exercises. Over the following month, I had absolutely no heart arrhythmia, no fears and best of all, no panic attacks. I really just couldn't logically explain it. It was like they were just there one day, before Gopita's treatment and gone the next. And they didn't come back. It now has been over two months since my initial appointment and healing from Gopita and I have yet to have a single panic attack or heart arrhythmia. I am 73 years old and have suffered from these panic attacks since I was in my 20's. They would come and go but they would always be lurking somewhere in the back of my mind. I had come to live in almost constant dread and with a certainty that I would probably never find help. The past several years, I have noticed how fragmented my mind had become, a part of it always living in fear of another "episode." But now my mind is feeling like it has "come together" I can think more clearly, my hearing has improved and most of all, I fell centered, stable. Words cannot express my deep and lasting gratitude and appreciation for the healing work of Gopita Katharine Manning. I plan to continue seeing her from time to time for further appointments and I would not hesitate in saying that I believe Gopita is one of the finest and most powerful energy healers we have today. I am deeply grateful that she has come into my life. "

-Shawn Swain, San Diego, California

"Gopita is one of the top five practitioners in Energy Medicine…"

"She worked on me for almost two hours…it seemed that my condition was hopeless. I was in so much pain! But not only did Gopita take away the numbing pain I had experienced in my leg for so long, she gave me three pages of instructions for "homework," gave me information on my condition, and was so loving and kind and generous…. In my opinion Gopita is one of the top five practitioners in Energy Medicine..."

-Jeff Richards, Senior Staff Member, Donna Eden's Energy Medicine and Innersource

"It is truly an amazing experience to work with Gopita…"

"Gopita has a wonderful, life-giving and soul-reaching energy that can hold you in love and heal with remarkable accuracy. Her wonderful personality and hearty laugh of life make your cells wake up and dance! It is truly an amazing experience to work with Gopita and I highly recommend her as a healer!"

-Jill C. Peterson, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Honolulu, HI

"Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!!"

"Sweet, sweet Gopita, she lives her life before our eyes…she endeavors to show us how to live, having wrestled with, and conquered, her own demons. She has shown us how to attain spiritual mastery. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!!"

-J.A., Long Beach, California



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