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Shiatsu for Your Immunity

Full chapter of "Me 'n Noodle"

Me 'n Noodle

I Could See Peace Instead of This

Gopita Katharine Manning demonstrates how to SEDATE THE KIDNEY MERIDIAN

Gopita Katharine Manning teaches Donna Eden's OFFICIAL Daily Energy Routine

Mindfulness, Lovingkindness, and the vastness of our true nature: Satsang with Gopita

Dharma Talk: Satsang with Gopita: The Vastness of your true nature

Satsang with Gopita - "Soft Belly" Meditation Instructions

Satsang with Gopita - The "Ah" Breath: How to really bond with your partner

Gopita Katharine Manning teaches us how to Sedate and Strengthen Kidney Meridian.

Gopita Katharine Manning teaches techniques to balance the Illeocecal Valve.

Katie talks about "Loving What Is"

 Gopita Katharine Manning and Donna Eden:
How to Form New Energy Habits

Figure-8 Patterns, Holds, Repatterning, & More

Homolateral Cross Crawl Repatterning

Exercises from Donna Eden's Daily Energy Routine

Four Ways To Improve Your Health In the New Year

Family Systems

Forgiveness (From A Course In Miracles)

Energy Medicine: Temporal Tapping

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